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MaaS360 by Fiberlink

iOS (iPhone and iPad) Mobile Device Management

Quickly deploy and support iPhones and iPads in the Enterprise

MaaS360 is ready now to help you manage all your iOS 7+ devices, apps and data.

Quickly deploy and support iPhones and iPads in the Enterprise

MaaS360 is ready now to help you manage all your iOS 7+ devices, apps and data.

iOS 7+ and MaaS360 provide significant features for the enterprise to deploy devices faster, secure data better, save money, and provide a great mobile user experience.

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Enterprise Grade Management for iOS

MaaS360 mobile device management for iOS provides complete visibility and control to support iPhone and iPad in the enterprise.  With MaaS360, you can deploy iOS devices faster, secure data better, save money, and provide a seamless mobile user experience.

MaaS360 delivers a comprehensive toolset to configure devices, gain insight, perform actions, set and distribute policies, and distribute apps and content over-the-air.

Device Enrollment Program from Apple:

MaaS360 has full support for iOS 7.1 and Apple's Device Enrollment Program to deliver faster onboarding and advanced management of corporate devices.  

Supervise Devices Over-the-Air

  • Remove the need to physically hook up via USB with Apple Configurator
  • Push both public and private apps silently to devices
  • Disable AirDrop, iMessage and Activation Lock
  • Enable Kiosk Mode for devices

Enable Mandatory and Lockable MDM

  • Require MDM enrollment during the activation process before device can be used
  • Configure security, apps, settings and restrictions seamlessly
  • Block removal of MDM to prevent loss of control and security settings

Customize Device Activation Process

  • Streamline and tailor device activation steps to your organization's needs
  • Initiate activation with MDM and supervised controls
  • Keep or skip screens during activation

MaaS360 Features for iOS 7+ Devices:

  • Managed open in: Control data leaks from corporate apps, documents and accounts
  • Per app VPN: Enable your managed apps to securely connect to corporate networks and information
  • Volume Purchase Program (VPP): Save money by retaining full ownership and control over VPP licenses of apps and books
  • Streamlined MDM enrollment: Automatically enroll corporate-owned devices during activation with your configurations and policies
  • Enterprise single sign on (SSO): Enable authentication into corporate apps just once, making it easier for your users to be more productive
  • Third-Party app data protection: Encrypt app data automatically using the user’s passcode to create a strong and unique key

MDM Configuration Options for iOS 7+ Devices:

  • Touch ID control: Turn on/off fingerprint unlocking and report whether it is enabled on a device
  • Silent app install: Automatically install apps on supervised devices
  • Report on Activation Lock: Know when Activation Lock in Find My iPhone is enabled, locking a device to the user’s Apple ID
  • Personal Hotspot control: Turn on/off personal hot spot provided through a carrier and report whether it is enabled on a device
  • New lock message: Set a customizable message with a phone number on the lock screen to enable a phone call to that number if the device is lost
  • Lock Screen Control: Turn on/off Lock Screen Control Center, Notifications and Today View
  • Set wallpaper: Control of a supervised device’s wallpaper on the Lock Screen, Home Screen or both
  • Block users’ email accounts: Restrict users from configuring their personal email and calendar accounts on corporate devices
  • Check for iTunes Account: Report if there’s an iTunes account on a device
  • VPN On Demand: Turn on VPN under specific criteria

Support for Multiple Versions

  • iOS versions 4.3 and higher
  • iPhone (including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS)
  • iPad (including iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air and iPad mini)
  • iPod Touch (including the 4th and 5th generation)

Inventory and Monitoring

  • Model
  • Operating system and version
  • Apps, versions and size
  • Device ID (phone number, IMEI, email address)
  • Jailbroken status

Perform Remote Actions

  • Configure settings and profiles
  • Locate and lock a device
  • Buzz a device
  • Reset a passcode
  • Perform a full wipe of a lost device
  • Selectively wipe corporate data

Set and Distribute Policies

  • Enforce passcode requirements
  • Configure device restrictions, such as enforcing encrypted backups, restricting the use of the camera, and more 
  • Manage document, application data, device backup, and photo synching with iCloud with restrictions for specific users, groups, or your entire population
  • Restrict users from moving emails between accounts, eliminating the risk of corporate data leakage
  • Prevent 3rd-party applications from sending emails
  • Control features such as turning on/off shared Photo Stream, recent contact synchronization, and Passbook while locked
  • Set features for supervised devices such as turning on/off Guided Access, iMessage, iBookstore and Game Center, and forcing all internet traffic through a global HTTP proxy server

Application Management

  • Suggest public apps for employees
  • Restrict the use of certain apps
  • Distribute private and public apps
  • Delete an app and its data, on-demand or as part of a selective wipe action
  • Integrate with Apple VPP program

Secure Document Sharing

  • Secure email attachments
  • Provide secure access to corporate file shares
  • Protect corporate documents with DLP controls
  • View, create, edit and save content securely
  • View in-depth reporting on documents, users and devices

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